2014 DBS policy

SUL English language lessons on an English language holiday course in Chalfont near London

SUL uses an external organisation to carry out disclosures. If you have a DBS (formerly known as CRB) disclosure dated within 2 years of the course start date then this may be used for your work with SUL. If you do not have a valid disclosure then we will require you to get one. For this procedure you will need photo ID, passport / driving licence and utility bills. Please ensure that on your online application form, you have given us your disclosure number and the date it was issued. You will need to bring your original document to the course to be verified along with your TEFL and higher education certificate originals.

All offers of work are subject to satisfactory references which may be checked by telephone and all SUL staff will be required to sign a child safeguarding declaration in front of peers at the start of any SUL course.

The duties placed upon SUL Language Schools and upon you as an employee are as follows:

  • SUL Language Schools must not knowingly engage a barred person on our courses.
  • It is likewise an offence for a barred person to apply for work on our courses.
  • SUL Language Schools must make referrals to the DBS – e.g. if they have cause to believe that an employee has caused harm or has the potential to cause harm, and/or have dismissed an employee for such an offence. In other words, if we dismiss you in a circumstance that we believe that harm could have been caused to children, we WILL inform the DBS.

How to complete your DBS paperwork

If you are required to have a new DBS check, you will need to send Ron Staker an email letting him know that SUL have asked you to contact him. His email address is: rstaker@btconnect.com. In your email, you’ll need to ask him to post you a DBS application form and a verify form for photo or non photo ID (don’t forget to give him your address). If you have a passport for example then you'll need to request a photo ID form, if you have a birth certificate then you'll need the non photo ID form.

Please remember to complete the form as carefully as you can and to read the instructions on the front page as any mistake (no matter how small) will result in the form being rejected. As a general rule, all yellow sections must be completed (including question 30 about the Scottish vetting & barring). The ONLY questions that you need to complete on the back page are:

  • Question 55 should read as: ‘Do you have any unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings?' and not as it currently is. 
  • Question 61 line 1 (which should read: CHILD WORKFORCE)
  • Question 61 line 2 (Here you should write your job title so: EFL TEACHER or DIRECTOR OF STUDIES for example)
  • Question 62 (which should read: SUL Language Schools)
  • Question 63 (you need to put a clear ’X’ in the box marked ‘enhanced’)
  • Question 66 (YES box to be marked with an 'X' ONLY for host family and immersion applications - NOT for teachers)
  • Question 68 (you need to put a clear ‘X’ in the box marked ‘No’)

You’ll then need to take both the completed forms, your ID and any other documents requested of you on the form (including an envelope with Ron’s address in Luton written on it), to the person you have chosen to verify your ID. Please note in Part B the persons that are accepted by the DBS as suitable for confirming an applicant’s identity. Once your chosen person has verified your ID, you’ll need to post both forms to Ron at his Luton address. If you send the forms directly to the DBS, there will be a charge of £50. It is possible for Ron to verify your ID if the Part B options prove to be too costly, but you will need to pay the special delivery costs.

Ron will then be in touch to confirm he has received your forms and that there are no mistakes. He will post them to the DBS office for them to be processed. This ‘process’ can take anything up to a few months so don’t worry if you don’t hear anything for a few weeks! You can start work for SUL with your DBS form still pending but please be aware of the extra measures we have in place as detailed in our child protection policy. You can check the progress of your application using the tracking service through the DBS website. For this, you will need your application form reference number.

In order for you to use your DBS check for your next employer (for it to be portable), you MUST sign up to the update service. This can be done with the form reference number (top right hand side of the application form beginning with the letter ‘F’) as soon as your completed form has been received by the DBS. When your form has been sent to the DBS, you will get an email from me or Ron letting you know and reminding you of your form number. This service will cost you £13 per year but it’s definitely worth it! Alternatively, you can wait until your DBS form arrives in the post and register then but please note that the DBS will only let you do this up to 14 days after the DBS number has been issued so doesn’t cover postal delays etc. You can sign on to the update service by clicking the following link: https://secure.crbonline.gov.uk/crsc/apply?execution=e1s1. Due to credit card banking problems, we recommend that you do NOT pay this £13 fee by credit card.

You will then be sent a hard copy of your DBS.

For your notes Ron Staker's address is: School Support, 8 Onslow Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 9AJ.

SUL will pay for your DBS check but it is your responsibility to sign up to the update service for it to be portable.