SUL DBS policy

SUL English language lessons on an English language holiday course in Chalfont near London

All offers of work are subject to satisfactory references which may be checked by telephone and all SUL staff will be required to sign a child safeguarding declaration in front of peers at the start of any SUL course.

The duties placed upon SUL Language Schools and upon you as an employee are as follows:

  • SUL Language Schools must not knowingly engage a barred person* on our courses.
  • It is likewise an offence for a barred person to apply for work on our courses.
  • SUL Language Schools must make referrals to the DBS – e.g. if they have cause to believe that an employee has caused harm or has the potential to cause harm, and/or have dismissed an employee for such an offence. In other words, if we dismiss you in a circumstance that we believe that harm could have been caused to children, we WILL inform the DBS.

If you have a clean enhanced DBS disclosure dated within 3 years of the course start date then this can be used for your work with SUL.  You will need to provide your original certificate to your Course Director or Local Organiser for verification prior to the course start date.

If you do not have a current DBS disclosure, you will need to apply for one in order to work for us.  All our DBS checks are done using the online DBS service. In order to get a new DBS check, please email with your name and email address. You will then be sent an email confirming that you have been added as a user and will be given details on how to start completing your application.


All ID checks will now need to be done using the Post Office ID check service so please ensure you select the correct verification tick box on application. I believe some of the smaller Post Offices offer this service but if not then you’ll need to visit a main Post Office (always worth a telephone call before setting off). The cost of this is £5 which we will reimburse you as ‘expenses’ on your first pay following your DBS application. The total cost of a DBS is £60 which you pay on completion of the paperwork & ID verification, but we will reimburse you £10 per course that you teach / work on up to a maximum of 3 courses so £30.


Once you have received your DBS, as per our website guidelines (I will normally let you know when it’s complete as they send me an email), we strongly recommend that you sign on to the update service to make your DBS check portable. You can sign on to the update service by copying and pasting the following link into your browser:

You will need your certificate number which I can provide you with if you don’t receive a notification of it via email so please let me know ASAP if you need this. You need to sign on the update service within 2 weeks of the date of issue I believe so time is of the essence. Due to credit card banking problems, we recommend that you do NOT pay this £13 fee by credit card.

If you have any questions, please contact Jemma on  01726 814227.

* People on the barred lists can’t do certain types of work.  Please see: